Dummies Guide To Create a Brand – Business plan outline

Dummies Guide To Create a Brand

Branding is a way of creating the identity of your business with lasting impressions. It projects an image of your business in your customer’s minds. It’s a tag line, a tune, or a jingle that makes your products different and more attractive than your fellow competitors. It’s not just about creating a logo or marketing; it’s a channel through which you can communicate with your customers, with exactly what you want to say.

Why Do I Need Branding?

The importance of branding can be understood from a simple yet astounding fact that a business is said to be successful only when it earns identification among the customers.

What is your product? What are the features of the products and services that you provide? Do you make high-quality products? Do you expect high-costs in exchange for your service or you provide high-quality at a cheap and affordable price? Do you want just youngsters to be more attracted to you or are you targeting all age groups? There are literally a thousand things that you need to tell the customers, making them aware of the small but significant details. Since you can’t go from person to person, you need your message to be heard at a broader range. This is where branding steps in. It helps the company’s voice to be heard, your main mantra to be present somewhere in the minds of people that whenever they need the service, they’ll think of you.

Are there any benefits if I decide to create a brand for my business?

There are dozens of benefits that we can name but what it really does is, it makes your business more familiar. It creates and leverages your reputation. It creates an image of loyalty. It promises the best value for money.

“A good brand cuts back on the decision making time for its customer by its recognition.”

So you will make more profit when your target audience comes back for more of your product or services.

Now that you have decided to make your own brand, let’s go through a step wise process:

Make a Logo  

Hire an expert designer. Design a logo that can take your message to timeless generations and put it on everything. From letter-pads, stationaries, your packing materials to billboards, to the bookmarks, on your t-shirt, on your delivery bags, and t-shirt. Put the logo as your Facebook profile picture of your business page.

Create “the message”  

Get a simple short sentence, a tune or a jingle which should be really catchy and at the same time, should reflect the idea of your brand and vision. It should be all about the key message that would create your business image in the mind of your customers. Keep it easy and simple.

Incorporate “the message”  

This is a way of broadcasting your image. From every aspect, try to deliver your brand’s identity. Your email signatures must have it, every product you deliver should have that logo embedded and that message displayed. When a customer calls you, greeting them with your tag line are a few simple ways to instill the message in the customer’s mind, though it might sound cheesy to some.

What’s your colour?  

Ever noticed how Facebook uses just blue everywhere? When you see red in cold drinks automatically Coca-Cola hits your mind.

“Famous businesses design their own template and stick to their colour scheme.”

When I say burger, red, and yellow, you’re wondering about the last time you had a McChicken Grill. So pick a color keeping in mind the type of audience you’re targeting. Pink for feminine sites, Blue if you want to target a neutral audience.

Get Social  

Create Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts and fan pages for your business. Create your own pin board. Get a local famous YouTube channel to make a video about your products and the likes will come flowing in.

Deliver your promise  

All your work will be waste if you don’t give what you promise. So remember not to go overboard. Make sure that your services are consistent with your branding and your products rich quality-wise. Do not give anyone a chance to complain, ever.

In a Nut Shell

Branding is about giving your business an identity card. It gets your customers to choose your brand over other brands providing the same products. Creating a logo that provides the message of your company in a simple way and connecting with your customers is what branding is. Once your brand name is created, you must continue to provide the same level of satisfactory services and products.
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