Five Jobs to Get You Earning Cash Within a Week

Sometimes in life, we desperately need a little cash to pay rent, cover our bills, and keep putting food on the table. That’s the case for families who have experienced redundancy or for those who are between jobs and struggling to find a new role. It’s also the case for people who are between terms at university or college and recent graduates searching for their first post. So, this guide is about getting cash into your bank account fast – often, within a week.

Delivery Driving

There’s always a shortage of delivery drivers and a need from various courier firms and delivery agencies for more drivers to have on their rotas. This is excellent news for anyone with access to a vehicle because becoming a delivery driver requires no training and no qualifications, which makes the sign-up process for delivery driver jobs incredibly speedy.

Delivery driver jobs can be found on your usual jobs’ boards but also on specialist websites that cater specifically towards drivers looking for bit-part work. The best websites eliminate the middle-man, connecting you directly with the companies and individuals who are looking to pay a driver to deliver goods in your local area or further afield. When you’re setting up as a delivery driver, ensure that you have your car cleaned and ready to become your sidekick in earning cash quickly.

Selling Clothes

You might see selling clothes as more of a hobby than a job, but if you’re a fan of fashion with drawers upon drawers of clothes that you no longer wear, you’ll find that selling them all takes time – but rewards highly with cash. If you’re serious about giving your old clothes a new home, you’ll need to take professional pictures of all of them – both worn and against a white background.

Uploading these to an e-commerce website like eBay or Etsy also takes time, but if your clothes are of some value, you should treat this time like a wage-paid job. After all, if you spend two hours selling a $50 dress, you’ll not be on the worst wage – and you’ll be clearing your wardrobe, drawers, and attic space of clothing that you don’t wear anymore.


Everyone with a garden could use a gardener. That’s especially the case in the winter months when homeowners are less keen on spending hours outside. So, this is a role that you can comfortably take in dozens of gardens in your local area, often working throughout the week in the outdoors to earn good cash for your services. In the winter, you’ll be dealing with fallen leaves, and in the summer, pruning and helping the garden grow and blossom.

And gardening is a job that you can take with you wherever you go. Even if you have no experience working in gardens, you’ll quickly learn the best ways to go about certain jobs, and you’ll accumulate vital equipment like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and hedge cutters. As you do so, you’ll be able to perform jobs at greater speed, earning more and more from your work in the gardens of other people. Plus, if you do a good job, you’re likely to be referred to other people – building your contact book of clients.


There are dozens of different skills that you can transform into fast-earning freelance work. For instance, if you have a. Knack for coding and programming, you’ll be able to find short, discrete jobs posted online that’ll pay you for an hour or a day of work. Because you count as a skilled worker, you’ll also be able to charge a little extra per hour than for other jobs.

Freelance work also spreads across other digital skills like writing, spreadsheet editing, digital design, photography, and so much more. So, whatever your passion and skillset, you’ll be able to take this to freelance forums and job sites to quickly pick up customers and clients who value the work that you do for them on a part-time or bit-part basis.

Employment Agencies

If none of the above appeals to you, there are always employment agencies that specialize in getting people into work as soon as possible. That work will cover all of the sectors in the economy, from simple hands-on manual labor up to professional services jobs that reward you with high wages. If you’re desperate for a job – any job at all – an employment agency is often the best place to visit.

Still, you can set limits and standards with your recruiter or representative in the agency you pick. You can mention you’ll only work for a certain wage or only in certain jobs. So, if you have a little more time to wait, you can select only the jobs that appeal to you and reward you with a better pay packet.

These five options are all worth considering if you’re looking to get into work fast – helping you earn when you’re out of work.



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