Want to Become a Fashion Stylist? You Need These Tips From an Experienced Professional

Are you someone who enjoys staying up to date with the latest fashion trends? Is having a flair for all things fashion something that resonates with you? Do you find joy in mixing and matching garments to create fabulous looks? If yes, then you may be the right fit to become a fashion stylist. Improving your craft involves taking note of valuable tips for fashion stylists.

A fashion stylist considers different aspects of people’s personalities and helps them present the best versions of themselves through clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. Be it a wedding event, a photoshoot, or a job interview, a fashion stylist understands the setting and its requirements and uses the information to dress people appropriately and impressively.

But to become a fashion stylist and be successful at it, you will have to be a part of the grind; you will certainly see yourself at the new heights of a career that is interesting and ever-rewarding.

After many years as an image expert, I have some fool-proof tips for people wondering how to become a fashion stylist, and that too is a good one. Read on.

1. Get Certified

Even though many fashion stylists pave their own path and learn on the job, a certification course will give you a head start. Not only would you learn all the technicalities of fabric, color, texture, and body type, but you will also gain credibility to attract high-paying clients. Moreover, a structured course and readymade training material will eliminate confusion in your fashion stylist career.

2. Find an Internship

Finding an internship in a fashion house or agency can prove to be a perfect start to your fashion stylist career. You would most probably begin as an intern and then get an opportunity to assist a successful or even renowned fashion stylist. This would give you the right exposure to the fashion industry and also help you establish professional connections in the field.

3. Create a Lookbook

Just like in any other industry, fashion styling also requires you to showcase your work. So, create a lookbook after becoming a fashion stylist to display your best work, style, and aesthetics. It would help you gain the trust of new clients as well as at agencies or fashion houses you may be hoping to land a job at.

4. Establish a Network

Fashion stylists must have excellent communication and persuasion skills to be able to create a network. Make sure you have valuable connections since it would help you build a solid reputation in the industry and gain more clients.

Moreover, it is important to deliver excellent work since loyal clients can turn your career around for good. It would give you a huge advantage of word-of-mouth marketing which would only help you grow bigger in your fashion stylist career.

5. Gather Experience

It is absolutely true that experience speaks for itself. So, one of the most important fashion stylist career tips for you is to gather as much experience as possible. You can’t expect to become a fashion stylist and immediately get high-paying clients. You might require doing pro-bono work and organizing freestyling workshops to strengthen your portfolio. Once you have done substantial work that displays your skills, people wouldn’t think twice before paying for your fashion styling services.

6. Create a Brand Name

It is always good to have a unique identity; it helps you stay remembered. So, take your fashion styling services online because the web is where the world is. Creating a website would have multiple benefits; you can talk about your fashion styling certification, showcase your work, display reviews, and become easily discoverable.

To create a brand name, make sure to also make your presence known on social media. Identify your target audience and post-transformation videos, client reviews, styling tips, etc., to gain a loyal follower base; the better your reach, the more chances of attracting new clients.

Now finally, the most important fashion stylist career tip– stay consistent. Following helpful tips for fashion stylists can lead to successful styling outcomes. Even if you do not get a lot of work initially, keep trying to put your skills out there and showcase your expertise. You will be beyond delighted after seeing the benefits of hard work and consistency.

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What skills are needed to be a fashion stylist?

  • Keen sense of Fashion trends, color schemes, and designer brands
  • Extensive knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Understanding various facial and body shapes
  • Understanding of how to be a personal stylist for people with different style needs
  • Business skills such as Marketing, networking, and advertising are a must
  • Working with clients requires effective communication skills
  • Ingenuity and creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Well organized

How do you succeed as a fashion stylist?

  • Determine your area of expertise
  • Develop strong networking skills
  • Develop close personal and professional relationships
  • Gain effective & relevant experience
  • Be Confident
  • Stay up to date with current trends
  • Leverage the power of social media

What do you need to do to become a stylist?

  • Land an internship
  • Create a Lookbook
  • Build your network
  • Back up your work with thorough research
  • Develop an aesthetic viewpoint
  • Get a relevant degree



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