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The power of a focussed business is monumental.

Are you asking yourself the following questions?

What’s my Target Market?

What’s my Unique Selling Proposition?

Where should I spend my money and energy?

What business activities actually make money?

How soon after one project gets underway, can I add another?

How do I know if a project is really working?

It means you crave a sense of direction, which is good, but don’t let it get you carried away.

Remember, you need to be focused and tackle every issue as it comes, one at a time. Lack of focus equals low or sometimes even absent productivity and is a profit killer.

Though there is n number of priorities in an organization, your focus should be on one thing at a time.

Trying to Do Too Much with Too  Little  Focus

Sounds familiar? We have all done this at some point in our life. Even big businesses like Apple have fallen prey to this kind of situation. The realization that they were doing too much led Apple to eliminate 70 percent of the product roadmap. 70 percent is a huge number. The reasoning behind this was that a simpler product line would be a better product line.

Focus and Vision are the key elements to the success of any organization.

Almost everybody in the entrepreneurial world would agree that Steve Jobs is the veteran leader when it comes to business. Not only among entrepreneurs, but also amongst leaders, visionaries, and teachers, his lessons on management and success have been inspirational.  His focus and vision were key elements of his character as a leader. Following are the two lessons to be learned from him:

Are we clear about our vision – will your company have this impact on the world?

Are we focused enough?—do you need to cut the amount of effort that you and your team are doing and simply FOCUS on what is important?

Both Vision and Focus Go Hand in Hand

A business without a vision is like a rudderless ship. A business investing too much energy in multiple things will only result in poorer business and lead nowhere. It will be going in circles.

Focus-Proven Strategy for Better Business

Having a razor-sharp targeted focus will only help your business be better and bigger. It will also help you save money by cutting costs on the things you should not be spending like pointless marketing activities in the wrong location. Having a focus will help you streamline your business better, and is a proven strategy to monetize on available time and resources.

Power of One

Focus doesn’t mean you need to miss out on other items in your list, rather, tackle one situation at a time. Do your business as usual, but the “focus on one” will do the magic and produce the desired result.

Strategy for Success

Involving yourself too much in your business will only make you lose focus. Instead, take a day off in a week to just plan and focus. Do no business work; keep it as quality time for your business.

Be sure to spend time with family, as this will help you reassert why you are in business in the first place. Quality family time at least once a week equals better focus.

Write it down. Pen your activities for the day well in advance.

Make sure you enjoy what you do.  Make sure you do something you enjoy each day. Treat yourself.

Be consistent and persistent. Don’t give up on something after only a couple of tries. It can often take years of toiling away to make you an ‘overnight success’.

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