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‘Too much crush’ on the product life cycle tenure as well as ‘market turbulence’ iterates out the ‘new trends’ in the business channels. Conglomerate diversification and Concentrated diversification would increase the ‘Lapses’ for business marathon. Evolution of trends will test the masculine efforts of traditional business in the modern business arena. Year of 2016 will make wonders in ‘order books’ if content and promotion goes viral. The top business options that could fascinate the business community in 2016 would be as follows:

Business Intelligence Services:

Since,‘business intelligence services’ poke their noses into every sector and streams of business, growth pattern and intensity towards business market will be on the high end.

Since, ‘business intelligence services’ poke their noses into every sectors and streams of business, growth pattern and intensity towards business market will be on high end.

BI market across the globe would climb for a whopping $143 billion in next two years.

Especially, consultancy based services, development based services and integration based services within ‘business intelligence service pool’ will make wonders in 2016. BI market grows with 16% annually, which could be the game-changing statistics.

Space For Office Robots, Consumer Robots and Industrial Robots (Telepresence Business)

Consumer robot market will grow steadily with CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 17% in the next five years. Business and consumer robot will fetch the market potential of $1.5 billion in 2019. Hence, the space for ‘telepresence’ companies will climb the ladder in the existing year. Due to the evolution of the smartphone and tablet industry, space for ‘outsource computing’ business rises to new folds.

Demand Delivery and Logistics Business

‘Demand delivery and logistics’ expanding more aggressively due to the online shopping and cost factors.  Especially, businesses of package delivery and food ordering, the space for ‘encroaching the market space’ look to be brighter in 2016.

Evolution of ‘same day delivery’ increases the market space for demand delivery and logistics business abruptly.

For instance, ‘consumers’ willingness’ for free delivery reduces from 50% to 35% in the last two years. Online retail will somehow cover 10% of total retail sales, which will open the market space for ‘demand delivery and logistics businesses.

Organic Farming Business

Awareness on ‘organic in-take’ makes consumers to switch for the organic products worldwide. Globally, market potential will be around $100 billion in the next two years which shows its irresistible growth pattern in the future. Worldwide, there are 2million organic producers supplying the products to the entire global population. Hence the demand over supply offers huge space for ‘organic businesses’.

Especially, India, US, México and Uganda taking the option so seriously for tapping the market.

Vertical farming business could also light up the ‘thirst’for business people across the globe.

Social Media Business

66% of Consumers expect social media for taking the customer service in the modern era. At the same time, 67% of the consumers limited their support if, social customer service was not up to the mark. Both data predicts that, companies need the ‘social customer care’ as the closest redeeming tool.

Moreover, the cost for phone support escalates to $6, whereas the social customer service will close the transaction for $1’.

Social media business such as employee advocacy business and real-time survey companies will take the lead in the coming year 2016. Space for social media campaign companies could rather break the rules in larger grounds.

Cloud Services

Positive pitch of technology drive has created the loaves of opportunities in cloud computing and data security business.  Market growth of cloud computing business will apparently create the space for ‘cybersecurity businesses’, which could be the double bonanza.

Cloud computing business will create the ‘New DNA’. The global market for cloud computing services will fetch $127 billion in the year 2017.

Increase in the ‘pay per user’ models accelerates the market size for the cloud computing service businesses.

Content Business

‘Content’ based business will mark the potentiality in the golden words across every balance sheet. Almost 70% of the marketers do not have ‘integrated content platforms’, which creates ample space for content-based businesses across the globe. Almost 78% of the marketers are extremely increasing the investment range for content-based businesses.

Content marketing market will reach to $32 billion in the next two years. CAGR for content marketing-based business reaches to the rate of 12.4%. 

Especially content-based businesses in lead generation, brand awareness and though leadership platforms will take best growth rate in the near future.

Marketspace or size evidently increases year on year, but flooding of players results in limiting of the opportunity ratio for the concerned sector. All mentioned sectors are something new to flooding of players and takes more CAGR in the recent years.

First-in and last out in business could save millions on balance sheets.  

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