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How To Start a Garment Export Business? – Simple Business Plan

India is very likely to overtake China in terms of garments exports within a few years, and thus enjoy a monopoly in the international market in the time to come. With the rising demand for apparel from the U.S. and European markets, this business has witnessed a surge in the country. With a substantial fall in the Indian rupee in the past few months and high labor costs in China, the western world is eyeing India as the major source of garments exports in the world today.

 Why Garment Export?

Therefore, setting up a business of this kind can work in your favor if you belong to this part of the world. However, it must be borne in mind that rather than having a ready capital in hand, it is building contacts with the right people that will help in establishing this business in the long run. A keen and sharp mind, and managing multiple things effectively and swiftly is what is needed in a business that involves the movement of goods in large quantities. Strong determination, tenacity, diplomacy in speech, effective communication, and the ability to sell and promote your enterprise, and a keen business sense are the qualities that are needed to excel in this business.

Garment Export Options

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs in such kind of business: those who export their own manufactured goods and those who export other manufacturers’ goods. If you plan to be the latter kind, you would require getting in touch with an export/import agent to help you build a solid client base with businessmen who would want their goods to be distributed outside the country. Once the client base is established and the commission to the agent is given, you can set up your office anywhere that has the facility of a telephone and a digital database where you can maintain records of existing clients and activities and potential customers/service providers.

If you plan to set your own factory unit for the production of garments, you must make sure most of your products have unique embroidery and design, which are the need of the hour. Having garments that are “different” and flashy usually have high demand among youth around the world. Making your product stand out from the rest will help you in having a strong foothold in the market.

Legal Aspect

For any kind of export, the Indian Government has made a number of such acts and policies available for the growth of the economy. These are also applicable to the garment export business as well.

These are:-

  1.  Imports and Exports (Control) Act, 1947 which has been taken over by the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992
  2. Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992
  3. Import-Export (EXIM) Policy 1997-2002



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