Google’s New Logo And Its Other Strategic Moves: The Reason Why The New Logo Is Applaud-Worthy Business Plan

Google’s New Logo And Its Other Strategic Moves: The Reason Why The New Logo Is Applaud-Worthy Business Plan

Google is always at the helm of things and in the news for some innovative stuff. Lately, the internet was abuzz with Sundar Pichai being appointed the CEO of Google, whereas Larry Page (then CEO) took over Alphabet. Inc.; a new company formed with various divisions from Google. The result is a slimmed gown, much sleeker


Now, Google has unveiled its new logo in what seems to be its latest major change in history. The new Google logo reflects the plain fact that the search engine giant is going through a number of dramatic changes.

It emphasizes the circle shape, with each and every alphabet, it serves to stress the notion of “what goes around, comes around.”

At first, the new font is a little unsettling. It’s the most dramatic reshaping of the Google logo since 1999, when its six letters ended in a very Yahoo-like manner.

But the reshaping of the logo comes off as a very calculated move. Because it’s the first thing everyone sees when they want to do a “Google search” for their questions.

To some, it may look like a child’s drawing. To some, it may even be unsettling. But the following are the reasons why it makes sense.

Simplified. Easy

The new Google logo comes at a time when the search giant is being restructured into Alphabet, the tech firm’s new conglomerate. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have pulled several divisions and projects from Google, Inc., and made them subsidiaries of Alphabet instead. The resultant Google focuses more on Search, Android, Chrome, Maps and YouTube.

At this wake, the new logo comes across as easy; even simple. It’s easy to draw and easy to see and has less style, but in essence it packs it in.

Google Is Everywhere Now

The search engine is now incorporated into the best phones, tablets, TVs, smart watches and cars, in addition to computers.

The Logo Is Designed To Fit The Tiniest Screens

The single-letter icon has also changed to a multi-colored logo in the browser tab. Even with limited space, Google is working its colorful branding into every corner, which comes across as smart, sharp and witty advertising.

Design—A Whole New Level

It’s flat, like a child’s drawing, nothing special, and gets its six-character point across with simple strokes, just like the rest of Google’s interface of polymer paper elements.

Google has already refreshed the logos of many of its products and services, shortly after unveiling the new logo. Maps, Translate and News have the white symbol in the corner of their respective logos, and Google+ is has put on the new G, despite its depreciation in comparison to other social platforms.

Google is among the ones doing the most meaningful work in tech right now. What with its uphaul, Google seems to be progressing aggressively. This childish new logo has bright colors and an animated hand drawing it using sharp circles (on the day of launch). This really contrasts with the dark and the so-called menacing and confusing side of technology. The self-driving Google car takes the same approach, replacing Google’s old vehicles with really cute model which is completely relatable to the common person and non-threatening.

New Logo: Less Bytes

Along with the new logo comes lesser bytes. Gone along with the old typeface are the large file sizes associated with it. The logo now is a  special variant that’s 305 bytes instead of the older 14,000 bytes.

Having said that, it may seem like a small change. But measure this: take your mobile bandwidth in gigabytes, and compare it with everyone’s around the world.

You will find that not all have the same data plan at affordable rates. Reaching the next billion people, especially in developing countries like India and China, this comes across as a well-played move by Google. It’s clear that the new logo is part of a bigger plan.

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