There’s a saying amongst the people currently that Engineering is the only course where students identify what they can become anything apart from an Engineer. Well, our guest for the day Mr. Hariharan, co-founder of noothukku muttai (an egg-based café) abides the above statement quite strongly. An Engineer by chance and an Entrepreneur by choice, here’s what the trending egg boy of the Coimbatore city has to tell:

1.What made you to become an entrepreneur?

It’s always the inner thoughts that have created many legends. Every time you endeavor something, your inner conscience always tells you what’s right. Many times this voice is too feeble thus becoming moot. I guess I listened to my inner feelings and that’s why I’m standing here today.

2.How did you derive the concept for your business?

The entire youth population has been taken over by the internet. The mobile phone has become our sixth finger making us all hexadactylic. It was that internet and some of my own ideas that lead to the formation of noothukku muttai.

3.What is your mission at the outset?

Noothukku muttai was started by a group of young Engineers with a dream to combine passion and interest. The dream of the organization is serving a lot of people with good food and love.

4. How old is your company?

We made our dream into reality two years ago in January of 2016. It’s been two years now and we are proud to say that we have three successful outlets.

5. How critical is advertising for a business?

Since we are in the industry for only two years so far and with three branches our biggest form of advertising is word of mouth. But our dreams are bigger and hence when we take bigger steps, advertising is indeed crucial and necessary.

6. How do you see your company in the next 5 years?

Right now as I said previously, our company has got 3 outlets. Five years down the lane, I see noothukku muttai to be one of the prominent chains of restaurants in Coimbatore city serving a lot more people and a lot more love.

7. Why should people choose you?

Let me ask you a question, when you love something so much has there ever been a second thought? Like when you love an actor would you still love another the same way? That’s exactly my answer to this question. When you make people love you because of your quality and dedication, I don’t see the second option.

8. What challenges do you face in your company?

I think any Entrepreneur would face the same challenge as I do: staff management. Currently, there are 20+ employees in the company and taking care of every single person, is truly a herculean job.

9. To what do you attribute success?

Undoubtedly, my friends and family are the reason for my success. Of course, we are innovating something new, putting in hard work, and have got the will to win. But it’s my family and friends who have always been my elixir and picked me up whenever I fall.

10. How does your organization help in uplifting the society?

One of the major challenges to the country currently is unemployment. I personally wanted to do contribute something to address this challenge and hence we have employed and still employing economically backward people from various parts of the state.

11.Share us one interesting incident in your business life.

We used to put up stalls at the start of our business. One such stall was at Madurai which will be etched to my memory forever. We had set up a sophisticated stall and printed stylish menu cards. Yet we couldn’t bring in customers for the first one day and a half. We were bewildered since we had put in some big money. We then realized that we printed the menu cards in English to the wrong crowd. When we almost believed that we’re done we got an idea! A classic one: to literally shout the menu to people. “Sir sandwich” “Sir omelette”. That was the turning point. We were able to do more business than we thought and at the end of the fourth day, we were able to make a profit.

12. How do you manage your personal, social and business life?

Well, that’s still something haven’t crafted out well yet. It remains a hypothesis till date.

13. Whom do you look upon as your inspiration?

My way of getting inspired is a little different. I draw inspiration from almost everyone I meet. In this business specifically, I look at myself and my friend Kumaresh to be the inspiration. Because we started with nothing and today, we’re one amongst the trendsetters of Coimbatore.

14. How do you manage your Monday blues?

The what? I never had a Monday blue yet. For me, what I do is not really work. I enjoy every little thing I do in this business and everyone working here feels the same. As a matter of fact, I look forward to Mondays much than Saturdays.

15. Give us your peace of mind for the upcoming start up’s.

Rather, I’ll just tell you what I did. Start early, Fail early, and learn early.

As the interview reached its closure I sensed a new feeling of inspiration and confidence that I rarely get from speaking to others. Noothukku muttai is sure to rock the city’s food industry. Ourbusinessladder wishes Mr. Hariharan and his team all success in days to come.



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