Nandhini Guru

1. What made you become an entrepreneur?

Seeing my dad and mom as an entrepreneur and the way they manage and organize things had an impact on me since childhood. I always like to do things rather than being told what to do. In my experience with MNC, even though I loved my job, there was always a longing to start my own business. Incorporate companies, there is always a restriction on implementing ideas and innovations.  I enjoy learning new things, taking up new challenges every day, and being creative. Entrepreneurship gives me a sense of freedom to use my creativity in the workspace and I love the challenges it provides me. There is a sense of happiness and contentment I find when I tackle each and every challenge I face.

 2. How did you derive the concept for your business?

Water is the basis of life. Clean and safe drinking water is still inaccessible to many. So many people and children suffer every minute due to unclean drinking water. We wanted to make this for the better and provide clean drinking water to society. Our company was founded by my father. His passion for serving the society was really an inspiration and driving force for me to join hands with him for a better cause.

 3. What is your mission at the outset?

Our mission has always been to make this society a better place by providing clean and healthy drinking water. We always believe that by means of water we give life to everything!!! And that is why at Aguaclan “we care what you drink”.

 4. How old is your company?

AguaClan was born in the year 2017, 24th August and it is 9 Months Old.

 5. How critical is advertising for a business?

Business without advertising is like a lighted lamp kept in a closed box. Advertising is like placing the lamp on top of the mountain which makes us visible to the entire world. No one will know us unless we make our presence felt. If we don’t advertise our business, it means we don’t have a business at all.

 6. How do you see your company in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, Aguaclan will have 100+ employees passionately working for the companies’ mission. Aguaclan would have an extensive dealer and distributor network all over India. In the next five years, we see ourselves reaching out to people in the most remote rural areas all over the country and satisfying their water needs. Reaching out to all public places, schools, hospitals, and providing pure drinking water at the most affordable cost.

 7. Why should people choose you?

Aguaclan is a company that is committed to helping people to get access to clean and safe drinking water. Our company is keen on understanding the requirement of our customers, analyzing the quality of water, and provide a customized solution to all water needs.  To AguaClan Quality is our prime importance. And customer loves us for our quality and best customer support.

 8. What challenges do you face in your company?

One of the biggest challenges that I face in my company is that there is always a social expectation from women, of how she has to behave. But as an entrepreneur when we try being ourselves and showcase our confidence, authority, and firmness in our goals and vision, society often feel that we defy the rules that are expected out of women. There is a constant need for proving ourselves every time. I believe that women are stronger and have the ability to achieve anything.

 9. To what do you attribute success?

According to my belief, I don’t link my success to targets. But I believe that true success lies in the number of lives we touch through our work and enhancing the lives of our employees, by enabling them to attain their highest potential thereby helping them to achieve job satisfaction.

 10. How does your organization help in uplifting society?

We make a donation to underprivileged schools and public places where there is no access to clean drinking water. Uplifting society does not happen only on donations, but in uplifting the lives of people around us. Therefore we also make contributions by educating the people on safe ways to drink water and effective utilization of water. 

11. Share one interesting incident in your business life.

The deciding moment of my life: During my career in MNC I was a part of the Talent Development Team. August 1st I had an important meet where I was going to be introduced to many global leaders in MNC. On 31st July I received a call from my father asking me to decide to join him in his new company. This was the turning point in my life. I had put my papers on the very next day. I was going to miss a big opportunity in MNC, was going to miss a higher package, and of course Bangalore city. One phone call changed everything. We packed and flew to Coimbatore, incorporated our new company, and yes my first move to be an entrepreneur. All of these happened in just 20 days!!! In business right from the start where we take a jump of hope until the end is always a dare game.

 12. How do you manage your personal, social, and business life?

Managing Personal, social and business life is very important as it will cause an imbalance in life even if one lags. I manage my time in such a way that I balance all just like the saying goes “Work while you work and play while you play”.

13. Whom do you look upon as your inspiration?

True Inspiration comes only when we have had an experience with someone who has touched our hearts and gave us a dream to pursue our belief.

My mother is my inspiration. She is an entrepreneur and handles the company Prime Power Systems. She taught me how to fight for what I believe in, taking up responsibility, being dedicated to everything, and the power of positive thinking. Seeing her handling so many responsibilities, tackling various problems at the office, and at home gives me the courage and confidence to achieve anything in my life. Her words of wisdom and constant motivation are helping me to tackle my everyday challenges at work and at home. She is my hero.

 14. How do you manage your Monday blues?

Mondays are never blue for me. I believe that starting a week fresh and energetic keeps me energetic for the entire week. Monday’s gives me a sense of hope.

 15. Give us your peace of mind for the upcoming start up’s.

Pursuing what we believe and never giving up will always lead to success.



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