Herbal and Medicinal Plants Cultivation

How to Start Herbal and Medicinal Plants Cultivation?

The Hobby Turned into Business

A hobby can be turned into a business. Read on to know how your love for herb gardening can be turned into a potential business garnering in a lot of cash.

In love with those divinely smelling, aromatic herbs? Well, you can consider herb gardening as a business option. This business can be run part-time for some quick buck from the side.

You can turn your kitchen backyard into a dream of aromatic, green herbs.

With little patience and lots of research, this herbal and medicinal plants cultivation business idea is sure to launch you in the global business scenario.  Talk about Food Conferences and such stuff! You will be the major force for providing such flavourful ingredients to vendors and merchants who in turn sell these to 5 star hotels; the demand for such delectable herbs is pretty high in these sectors.

Herbal Demands

Herbs—both culinary and medical—are in a lot of demand today more than ever before. People have started realizing the importance of herbs in cooking as well as for medical purposes. The demand for herbs is growing rapidly, and most nurseries dealing in them report that the demand is way more ahead of the supply. For example, the demand for lavender in the making for lavender essential oil is pretty much high. You can sell those herbs to those into the manufacturing of such essential oils.

Where to Start my Farm?

The first most important factor in opening a herb farm is the land. You should have a considerable amount of land depending upon the type of herb you want to grow.

Lots of herb doesn’t require much space, so do your research properly before starting out to buy seeds.

Before getting into the commercial aspects, do prototyping yourself, by creating a model farm. For a model farm, you may need an area of 5 to 50 cents depending upon the number of herbs you are planning to grow. Associate yourself with the agri group near your area, networking is always a boon for any business.

Business Plan for the Herbal Farm

The next step would be to write a proper business plan and write down the estimable amount of money you plan to make.  Once, you have your land and dirt, its time plant those herb seeds and make them grow.  You can buy herbs that have already been planted and are in bloom, but those can be really expensive and not advisable for start-ups. It is important to have a greenhouse for your little herbs during the winter months.

Your Business plan should cover all the aspects, right from your projected expense, the source of revenue, marketing strategy , plans for expansion etc.

Points to Ponder

The most important thing to remember in this kind of business is to know what you are selling. Customers would want to know what the herb is, its uses and how to grow it in their own home. So be prepared with your information. Buy books on herbs and herb gardening; this will get through your business. Mark whatever you are growing. 

If your farm is located near a busy street or town, it is wise to invest in a board with attractive lines which state your business. This will automatically draw your customers.  You can sell directly from your farm, sell your seeds/plants online (and invest in a website) or you can sell them to restaurants (culinary herbs) and ayurvedic medical units which usually needs medicinal herbs for its medicines.

Launch your website and keep posting useful information about herbs, latest trends, experts interview, your farms photo ,videos etc. Your website is one of the marketing tools and will help you in expanding your business.

Do conduct monthly seminars and invite your near and dears. over a period of time based on your commitment, your business will grow by word of mouth.

Go on, take your gardening tools and start today!

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