How To Start A Soybean Farming Business?

How To Start A Soybean Farming Business? – Entrepreneurship Ideas

Soybean is a leguminous plant; its beans are high in nutrition and have various health benefits.  If you plan to raise soybean for commercial purposes, read on.

The Prospect

Soybean is recognized internationally for its health benefits and is a champion among vegans. Soy milk and soy flour are two of the popular products make with this bean.

Soybean can be grown in your own garden or a large acre of land. It grows best in places which are warm and has a tropical climate. It is grown in rows and in full sun. Soybeans are never grown in partial shade.

Sow soybeans in partial shade and the harvest will be reduced. So it becomes extremely crucial to select a place which has access to maximum sunlight.

You must have an acre of land at least before considering being a commercial soybean farmer. Try farming in your backyard before trying on a full acre. Here are the steps:

ABC of Soybean Seeds

There are three main kinds of soybeans—Green, black and yellow. The green seeded ones are for eating as they are. The black seeded ones are for drying. The yellow seeded ones are for soy milk and flour. Know your seeds before investing in them.

Sowing Them

The soil should be warm and composted before sowing for optimal harvest during the harvest season. Add fertilizer to the soil when the tender plants are growing. Any kind of plant grows best in rich soil barring a few. Soybean is no exception. And as mentioned earlier, they grow best in full sun.

Take Care Of The Weeds

Weeds grow fast and obstruct the growth of the soybean plant. The resulting harvest won’t be of good quality. Additionally, if they grow and give seeds, the seeds of the soybean get mixed with seeds of the weeds, hampering with the quality. Hence, the money yield for this kind of seed will be low. Use week killers and take good care that weeds doesn’t grow.

All About Harvesting

Pods are harvested by dipping them into boiling water. This softens the shell and the beans are taken out.

 If you want dried soybeans, the plant is taken out and hung upside down until the pods are dried completely and then the beans taken out.

The processed beans are then sold to a grain dealer.

These are the steps to growing your own soybeans. Growing soybeans are becoming popular with home gardeners. You can start small, and you might just find yourself a couple of years down the line with acres of soybean growing land.

Before venturing into large-scale soybean farming, it is good to talk to a fellow soybean farmer. The machinery (tilling, seeding and harvesting machinery) involved in soybean farming usually costs a lot; and you will need a good business plan in order to apply for a business loan. Don’t forget to exclude losses, as in farming you never know. A simple factor like allowing weeds to overgrow will affect the quality and quantity of your product leading to losses. Be prepared with these kinds of issues before venturing into farming.

Business Registration

Take care of land registration issues. Make sure that the land you have purchased/taken on lease is good for farming and is properly registered with the authorities. Make sure there is an adequate water supply/source of water in the area that you intend to farm. For your first seeding, get seeds from a registered and trustworthy dealer, as that has the potential to affect further batches of bean.

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