Is India Is On ‘Business’ Diet? – Business Plans

Is India Is On ‘Business’ Diet? – Business Plans

India, the land of rich heritage still writing the basics in developing its ‘approachable business model’. Just like the film reviewing, some say ‘India will be the next super power’ and some say ‘it’s an ‘unpaid myth’. ‘Saumitra chauduri’, former planning commission member of India hurts the beliefs of Indians through the statement ‘India will never touch ‘super power’ grounds’.

Claimed business value of India still looks to be ‘bird’s grain’ in the global market. We need ‘extra pills’ to digest that, India manages to record 5 times greater per capita income than the Europeans in the mid-17th century. Were the wrong things gets rooted then? Convincingly creating an answer that it’s the ‘British phenomenon’.  They left back 68 years and India couldn’t make weapons of their own. More recently, government designed ‘G.O’s to take at least 20% of defence equipments manufacturing here. Without securing the ‘security arms’ itself, how India could climb for the ‘superpower list’ then?

Bad At Doing Business?

Was the statement of ‘saumitra chauduri’ is right ? Ya! It could be. Every annum, World Bank group creates ‘Ease of doing business’ ranks to pitch the ‘country’s competitiveness’. India ranks 142 in the year 2014, 134 in the year 2013, 132 in the year 2012, 120 in the year 2008, 116 in the year 2006. Does super power get such ranks?  Even the highly boot-tied country like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uganda claims better rank than India.

As everyone believed, BRICS could be ‘future superpowers’, every other country leads the ranks than India, which makes sensible impacts to us. If India starts sailing with same pedals for some years, other BRICS nations will build the ‘super economy’ in their provinces. Moreover India on going down with ‘ranks, which will be the ‘worry of gods’. On the other way, India’s political stability could turn different switches to business favourism at the end due to the NaMo’s new mantra. The statements from krish Iyer, CEO of Wal-Mart, statements from British petroleum, statements from Vodafone indicate that ‘India is too sick for making business’.

Surviving To Surviving At The Top!

Then why companies are fledging for Indian baselines? Even the pitiable performance or rankings don’t make sense to them? India tops the chart in the global consumer confidence index with a splendid score of 115. Consumer-driven Indian market would be radically doubled on 2025, which is the point that makes ‘surviving to surviving at the top’. By 2017, consumer spending will touch the new mark of $ 4.2 trillion. As per the Deloitte statements, India will witness $13 trillion consumer spending, that too only by the ‘middle class’ in the year 2030.

‘Higher population’ as well as ‘increasing disposable income’ will be the ‘tool for prosperity’. Not restricting with the consumer segments alone, India also post better scales to internet economy, which would touch $165 billion in the year 2018. Indian FMCG market will flourish to $100 billion mark by the end of 2025, which shows the endless opportunities for global companies to tap Indian market. ‘Make in India’ would significantly bring change to country, but ‘indigenous India’ will benefit every element in the nation for long term. Why should India lose out its money to every global player, when India filled with incandescent knowledge?

‘It’s not the time for India to take diets, but to take foods in the two hands’.

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