Is Water The Elixir For New Opportunities? – Business Ideas

Is Water The Elixir For New Opportunities? – Business Ideas

‘Water -the elixir of life’, the intimate learning’s in school books could still survive in our ‘brain ducts’. Water could be calamitous when a pattern of contamination or excess availability prevails to the core. As everyone knows, ‘Third world war’ may come for ‘safer water’ across countries, devising plans to tap will be the need of the hour. Crafted picture on ‘water scarcity’ does not happen in overnight, but cumulatively supported with mismanagement of water management systems.

Now 2.4 billion people stay below the ‘water-stressed areas’ across globe. By 2025, two-thirds of global population suffers under the shadow of ‘water-stressed lines’, which could drastically affect the business propaganda. Water costs will escalate to ‘limited margins’ and operational disruptions to firms in future days and not years. Receding the nature of river levels as well as groundwater depletion adds up the ‘water scarcity’ to business operations.

Will It Helps On Competitive Score?

Globally, companies consume just 20 % of ‘complete water’ and some most industrialized countries took the proportions better than that in reality. For example, Belgium took 80% consumption level for industries alone. Studies murmuring that ‘correlation factor’ are highly positive with water scarcity and business growth. 22% of companies experienced the same heat due to the water scarcity in competitive business growth.

Evolution of the ‘corporate steward programs’ for water shedding to business would be the new concept that attach ‘meaning to the future’. The ‘virtual water exporters’ making lump sum money from the ‘water-stressed countries’ and it will be doubled within this decade itself. ‘Virtual exporters’ include Mexico, India, Brazil, Singapore, Argentina and the United States of America whereas Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Serbia meet out the ‘water-stressed regions standards’. Even the ‘virtual exporting countries’ started to feel the ‘water-stressed pressures’ in their own destinations even now.

Clean Fish In A Dirty Pond?

Is water the elixir for new opportunities? – Business latest trends and strategies for entrepreneurs. Every board meetings across the globe starting with a ‘glass of water’ in the table and ends up with ‘how water could be tabled for the long term’. Realization starts crazy like pills that pinning down the need for water management at the organization level. For example, coco-cola works for the aim to offer the ‘same amount of water’ to the community by 2020. Coco-cola activities pitch on ‘CSR’ grounds as well as ‘Branding’ grounds to tap the ‘additional mileage’. Similarly, ‘Ford’ reduced its consumption to 883 gallons by means of ‘dry machining’, ‘3 to 2 stages painting’ and ‘wastewater recovery’ models. Ford keeps the ‘savings sheet’ with an additional $ 22 million every year through water management mantras. Unless everyone changes, the circuit becomes the ‘clean fish in a dirty pond’. Additionally, Miller Coors LLC achieved 15% savings on water use.

Silicon Valley Of Water- Singapore

Singapore, a tiny small city does not have ‘rivers’ at all, which is going to be ‘self-sufficient’ in 2061 exactly after the ‘contract with Malaysia ends’. Singapore turns to be ‘global water hub’ which marches to take ‘$ 850 billion’ Chinese water projects within next decade. It’s not the china alone, but gulf countries too carrying the wheels of ‘Singapore companies’ to pacify their ‘thirst for water’. Also, ‘NEW water’ and desalination systems create the ‘new water picture’ for globe. Companies like Hyflux creating ‘transits’ for growth.

What For Us?

Chinese invasion to water bodies clocked around ‘$850 billion’ opportunities for us. Additionally, Investment by Asian development bank for $ 400 billion within 2020 adds ‘fuel to the fire’ for growth. Gulf countries dependency to desalination and membrane technologies should not be the ‘missed call’ for us. Opportunities relies in water purification equipment manufacturing, dispensing pump management, treatment alkali’s, chlorine production, fluid power values production, plastic tubes, pipes manufacturing, filtration equipment, sewage treatments, turbine generator products, power generating equipments, pumping equipments etc.

Don’t dilute the ‘opportunities relying with water’. Let’s swim with ‘biggies market’.

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