Trending Investment Plans

Trending Investment Plans

It’s not a great idea to invest hard-earned money on businesses that seem to be lucrative at first glance. It is important to invest such hard-earned money wisely. Investing smartly and at the right time is sure to give you benefits on a very large scale. As soon as you hear the word “wise investments”, your mind would be conjuring up emu farms and the chit fund companies. However, there are several other legitimate and viable businesses, and here are few ideas to bet your money on the right horse.

1. Farmlands

Yes! You heard it right. Even though farming is known to be a losing proposition, buying farmlands is not going to be a great risk for your investment. You don’t need to invest in farming separately or hire farm hands to do so. There are a lot of Agro Realty firms that are ready to hire your lands and farm on it. You could either opt for a share of the products or just rent your land and relax. The greatest advantage is that the land is still yours, and the value of the land is bound to double or triple every three years.

2. Arms and Armaments

Though the very topic gives you goosebumps, the idea is a great one. You couldn’t have probably heard of investing in antique firearms and armaments. However, this is a more lucrative investment than you could have imagined. It is also believed that the value of an antique gun rises by 3% to 5% every year.

Moreover, it is also a point to be noted that the value of a gun depends on the celebrity status of the previous owner. Add to this the fact that firearms don’t lose their value if maintained properly. This is a kind of hobby in developed countries like the United States.

3. Investing in Small Scale Businesses

There are a lot of small scale businesses and business aspirants who are doing rather well; it is worth investing your money with such dependable companies. Investing in the right business can fetch you more than mere money. There are a lot of start-up meets and investment-pitch meetings happening around town, and you could pay a visit to any of these meets.

You can offer funds and act as a venture capitalist or an angel investor. This may not yield immediate returns, but careful bookkeeping and cautious efforts to overcome the start-up hiccups will help you reap the benefits of success.

4. Stocks and Shares

Even though investing in stocks and shares is considered risky, you can be successful in getting your returns. You have to follow daily changes in the market and plan strategically. Moreover, you have to keep an eye on business news at all times in order to be able to correctly predict the rise and fall of share prices. There are also few market analysts who can help you with this in the early stages. Once you are familiar with the nuances of the market and the trading tactics, your ‘return on investments’ will certainly be lucrative.

5. Classic Paintings

Investing in art forms is quite a new concept in our society, though it is not a completely new one. The trend has become one of the favorites of large business tycoons of today. The amazing fact is that the value of Indian art objects is expected to hit the range of 2000-crore INR.

Anu Bajaj, director at Gallery Art Positive gives a strong message to the investors that the value is only half its real worth, and the investors will be reaping double the benefits within a short period. Though the practice of investing in art objects isn’t a popular one, the trend is expected to rise sharply.

There are many more promising investment plans and ideas; you can also reach us to get further investment strategies.



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