How to Open a Kinder Garden School?

Kinder Garden Preschool

If you are an entrepreneurial aspirant who is yearning to achieve some remarkable achievements in the business sector, then it’s time to throw your hat into the ring. Yes, the kinder garden school business is one of the new business ideas which is now witnessing growth like never before. Thanks to the affordability and awareness among young parents who wish to give their children a good foundation. With the revenues from preschools from India alone expected to add up to 3.24 billion USD by the end of 2017, there is no further thinking about starting one. Let us walk through the steps for starting a kinder garden school.

Getting Through Paper Work

As of now, there aren’t any acts or guidelines for the registration of preschools from the central government hence only 17% of the schools come under the regulated sector. However, there are many state government rules tightening the screws with their local civic powers. There are various forms to be filled, and rules that these kinder garden schools have to abide by. Since it is related to children, there will of course be some stringent laws, but there are business strategists to help you bypass them all.

Deciding the Spot

The location of the school should be carefully selected, preferably well within any good residential area as this will not only favor you and the kids, but also the parents who have to drop them off, and pick them up. With both parents opting to work, they would obviously love to leave their child in a safe and secure place. So compromising on safety issues shouldn’t be encouraged at any level. Moreover, the place should be creatively and attractively done up. Winning over a kid with just some colorful characters is not an easy task at all. You may have to use some comic characters to create the desired effect.


Though the children may not be old enough to be aware of the importance of good infrastructure, their parents certainly will. Preschool is as much an activity centre as an educational school, and involves putting a lot of thought into. There should be proper compound walls to prevent children getting out, well-tended gardens to avoid stepping over thorns and stones, and smoothly finished furniture to prevent any mishaps due to any sharp edges. The double modular classroom from MPH Building Systems can easily be modified further based on specific needs. As children are more prone to infections, proper sanitation facilities should be made available.

Keeping Franchise Options Open

Starting a preschool usually involves an average cost of 10 lakhs INR, however, to start with, it is advisable to tie up with some leading franchise. There are several popular franchises that will help kick start your entrepreneurial venture. Kidzee is the most popular preschool franchise chain in India that requires an investment of around 5-10 lakh INR,. Euro Kids, Shemrock and Hello kids are other famous preschool franchises you can consider.

Curriculum for Little Masters

This is somewhat a tricky task. Framing the syllabus for a 3-year old may sound like a piece of cake, but it really isn’t. There are a lot of things to be considered, there should be enough fun stuff to make the kids sit through the class. You should also zero-in on what is going to be taught to the children, what sort of indoor and outdoor activities that you are going to involve them in, and also some video footage that you will need to show them. Moreover hiring daycare workers according to the strength of the kids is a task to be cared for. Around 1 teacher for every 10 kid should be made sure.

So, handling children is a challenging and interesting task to handle. Keeping your holiday list ready, arranging maids to take care of the children, and other such tasks need to be taken care of. However, from a business prospect point of view, the above-mentioned points are good enough to guide you through. Having said that the option of starting a preschool is the most sought after business for educated women, this business also promises to be one of the most wonderful business ideas for women.

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