Modern Day Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Modern-day entrepreneurs face cut-throat competition when it comes to running a successful business. No matter how experienced the entrepreneur may be in the related field, sustaining the business model becomes a challenge for every entrepreneur. Luckily, in this modern era, we are blessed with more resources to tackle business challenges more effectively. Below are the most common challenges faced by an entrepreneur:

1. Deserting a Steady Income Job

Letting go of a steady income job and switching your career can be difficult, to say the least. You may be in view that you are able to manage your job and the business well but you cannot see the business grow after a certain point in time. If you want to pursue entrepreneurship you will have to let go of your day job. It’s near to impossible to manage both simultaneously. Pursue your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur by weighing the pros and cons while being prepared to see the obstacles coming your way.

2. Competition

With the advancement of technology and the internet, the business world is buzzing with lots of competition. There are numerous business problems and one of the major challenges faced by an entrepreneur would be the competition in the market. This hurdle can also be overcome by knowing your targeted market. Doing thorough market research to know your competitors, your strength & weaknesses of the business can help you create your own niche in the market. It will help you to address the pain points of the customer more efficiently. There are market research companies that can help you with doing the right research for the company.

3. Funding

A company needs funding to fuel and kick-start the show – this is a known fact. There are ways to fund a business one would be self-funding, approaching a financial institution like a bank that needs you to have collateral, or going to investors. If you want to approach an investor a business consultant company can help you with the right process for pitch decks and B-Plans. But a self-funded company is the best way to go as you are not answerable to anyone. Take baby steps. Grow your loyal customer base and strive hard to give the best quality. While the business is growing have the right business process to accommodate the expansion of the business.

4. Cash Flow

One of the most important aspects of the business is having a proper and regular cash flow so that the business does not face any bottlenecks. Sales will be high so will be the profits but a regular cash flow is important to run the business smoothly. Do your budgeting properly to avoid distresses.

Many entrepreneurs face the challenge of getting paid for their products/services. One way to address the cash flow is to have proper budgeting in place. This can be done by taking an advance from the client for the service you are providing. In some cases billing the entire amount in advance is the solution for a proper cash flow.

5. Financial Discipline

The most common business problem would be the founder will lack financial discipline. The business needs funding to launch and the money invested runs the show from the time the business is floated before generating revenue. So spending on unnecessary business needs can burn the pockets of the founder if the finances are not planned well. A founder is responsible for the money which is invested, be it self-funded or money from investors.

Having a proper business execution plan can solve this problem as you will have a roadmap for the business and well aware of where your business is headed. Approaching a business consultant can help you with his knowledge and expertise to streamline the process.

6. Having the Right Team

It is crucial to have the right team for the success of the business. Having the right hiring process makes it easy for the employer to identify the candidate. The employer is at the most pressure to hire the right candidate for the company.

Devising a hiring strategy and look out for people who can multitask for the business. The person you are hiring should be ready to perform where there is a need for multi-tasking. Align your employees with that of the organizational goals and set the expectation right. There should be a mutual understanding between boss-employee relationships which should be established from the beginning to avoid future disappointments.

7. Getting Easily Distracted

The main business challenge would be the founder get easily distracted from the purpose of the business he started thereby losing his innovation and creativity. The entrepreneur needs to be clear about his short and long-term goals. He needs to have a proper business plan to know where the business is headed. A market research company can help you formulate the right B-plans needed to guide you through the business without any distraction.

8. Having the Right Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the backbone of the business. The major problem of entrepreneurship is not having the right marketing strategy. You should be able to device a mix of traditional marketing like prints, ads, etc., and online marketing platforms. You could also make use of E-mail Marketing to find connections who may matter for your businesses. Maximize your ROI with targeted marketing specialized to your business needs. Outsourcing online marketing would be another way to be cost-effective and the entrepreneur can concentrate on the core of the business. Get a helping hand from the business consultant company can help you devise the right marketing strategy according to the needs of the business.

9. Lack of Leadership Skills

An entrepreneur should have the right leadership skills as the team looks up to the founder for motivation and guidance. The founder needs to look out for new opportunities and always have an alternative B-plan in case if he faces any obstacles. Work on your goals and have a targeted time to finish the goals. Lay a roadmap so that your team can follow and align themselves to the organizational goals.

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