Muthu Prasanna

1. What made you become an entrepreneur?

I have had the fortune to be surrounded by entrepreneurs around me since my school-days. Listening to them, moving with them had always fuelled my passion to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, I always wanted to be a problem solver coming up with innovative solutions and I guess it leads me to where I am today.

2. How did you derive the concept for your business?

The food industry had always been my secret love. Having failed once in this industry at an early age of 21, I was extra cautious about my next step. It was at this moment when I saw the increase in affinity for cookies among the people. I was surprised and at the same time shocked to see people shelling out so much money on cookies which were obviously prepared with a lot of additives and preservatives. I wanted to take leverage of this by offering them delicious cookies keeping a check on the nutritious value and voila, Crumbles was born. 

3. What is your mission at the outset?

The motto of our company is “delivering delicious health”. Keeping things very precise, we aim in serving the people with lip-smacking cookies which are extremely healthy and consumable for people of all ages.

4. How old is your company?

We are a company born during the pandemic. Our company is 5 months old. 

5. How critical is advertising for a business?

Advertising is very critical for a business and especially for this business wherein we need to educate people quite too much; advertising and extensive digital marketing is quintessential to reach the mass. 

6. How do you see your company in the next 5 years?

Well, the dream is pretty wild but I see at least half of the city eating our cookies every day. Also, we wish to serve at least a hundred corporates cookies on a daily basis.

7. Why should people choose you?

We keep things very simple at Crumbles. We keep your cravings for delicious cookies intact but tweak the nutritional value to a larger extent. For example, we make choco-chip cookies but the base is Ragi (Finger Millet), and so on. We say no to flour, baking soda, and artificial flavors. Moreover, have you ever come across any other cookie company that makes 18 different flavors?

8. What challenges do you face in your company?

Rather within the company, I find it difficult which is quite obvious in the initial stages of any business to penetrate the market. The market is currently flooded with too many brands and making them shift towards our brand is quite an interesting challenge. 

9. To what do you attribute success?

I put my heart in whatever I do. May it be with people or businesses. The deeper I dig into problem-solving the more innovative are the ideas. And I guess that’s my biggest success attribute. 

10. How does your organization help in uplifting society?

Currently, we have a team of 10 and we feel responsible for creating opportunities for the under-privileged and women. We believe in empowering society from the roots. 

11. Share with us one interesting incident in your business life.

It was one fine day in business as usual. At that moment, I received a call from one of my customers whom I hardly remembered then. He said one of the best things I could hear in all of my business life “my daughter’s 7 years old now and there is not a single brand of snacks/ chocolates that we didn’t try, but she never liked any of them. The moment she tasted your cookies, she isn’t eating anything else apart from this.” This made me realize that I am indeed doing something meaningful in this business.

12. How do you manage your personal, social, and business life?

Well, the juggling has been a mammoth’s task. And that too hailing from a super active social life like being a Rotaractor, it was indeed quite difficult. And now, I’ve taken a break from my social life and focusing quite extensively on my business. On the personal front, I spend time with myself mostly at home and sometimes with my friends. 

13. Whom do you look upon as your inspiration?

Undoubtedly my dad! He has always been the push from the back and kept me on my toes. Show him a million on your bank account and he’d still say, “Is that all?” Clearly, he knows I’d stop running the moment he appreciates me for everything. It is his sharp, constructive criticism that keeps me moving forward.

14. How do you manage your Monday blues?

I don’t think I have any. When you absolutely love what you do, there’s nothing that could bring blues.

15. Give us your peace of mind for the upcoming start up’s.

I’m too small for this. But I’ll tell you about my life. Life doesn’t always give you what you want and dream of. But never lose hope for, it can be gloomy today but it can’t rain forever! On the business side, give more of what people want keeping them at the optimum comfort level and sit back and watch your numbers hit the roof. 



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