5 Ways to Grow Online Business in Crucial Times

Strategies to Grow a Business

Ever since the coronavirus has broken, the whole world has connected through social media and advertising agencies like never before. Apart from family, friends, and well-wishers binging on the internet for the sake of connection, businesses and digital branding companies also have made internet branding and advertising the center of their concerns. Because why not, the internet has never been this convenient and trustworthy ever before. Many thinkers have been saying that even when coronavirus ends, it wouldn’t be preferred by any local or mainstream business chains to go off of the ways this restricted physical communication has unveiled for their setups.

Online business is a new normal. You can now just start your business by signing up on any social media platform and start selling your products and if you happen to see your business grow fast, you can get a website developed for your business at cost-effective options. CMS platforms like WordPress, Woo Commerce, are easy to go with. In fact, WordPress has some amazing packages like WordPress plugin bundles that can make your business website work effectively and professionally. However, there are small shops and street businesses which don’t have already built internet agencies and a lot of social media connectivity. If you’re a newcomer or someone who has an internet setup but keep looking for better ideas; we have made up a little list of these.  

1. Make SEO Your Comfort Zone

Try to learn about SEO. Learn what keyword-optimized branding is. The search traffic on the internet has increased in no time; people are on their phones looking for entertainment ideas, DIYs, and even online shopping. Don’t lay back, thinking that your efficient job can’t go on the internet. Let’s say you’re a photographer and, of course, are not getting appointments since there are nearly zero events- but think that people are still celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries at home, and they need pictures.

Just make video tutorials on how to get professional-looking photographs and upload them on your blog and write up the photography tips. Add more and more keywords, the more specific your blog, the better boost you’ll get. If you’re concerned about your blog-running efficiency, you can hire a digital marketing company. And if that’s out of your budget, you can use social media anyway. Share the link of your blog on your Facebook and Instagram; look relevant, get views!

Free courses or trials to binge while everyone is stuck at home, each one of us keeps looking for productive activities that can help cut our time. Mainstream institutions have introduced a lot of online courses with universal access. If you’re concerned about your business’s relevance, giving online paths and tutorials is the best option for not only educating your targeted audience about your branding but also introducing your marketing ideals. If you run a tech company, you can add programming quizzes on your website.

Even if you have had a business that doesn’t need internet advertising, for example, a salon, you can introduce online courses about the basics of beauty school. Introduce as many special offers as you can. Keep your sessions free or buy one get one free as people are attracted to these offers more than anything and which could eventually result in more than your expected audience.

2. Multiple Payment Methods

We shall not ignore the fact that many people leave the website when they find too much technicality in the method of payment. You lose a course attendee, or a customer when there’s just a single payment or if the page says that it cannot be viewed on mobile. It comes, almost as if you don’t want the customers. Optimize your site to give multiple payment options, and which are mobile-friendly.  

3. Mobile is the Need of the Day

You need to introduce a mobile-friendly payment method, but you need to come up with a mobile-friendly site as a whole. If your pocket agrees, trust a programmer to build you an app, which is even better. The use of desktops has gone down ever since coronavirus because being on the phone has made us comfortable looking at the tiny screens. Moreover, the desktop can’t be used when we’re waiting for our turn to go inside the Mart. The more mobile-friendly your blog, the better viewership it gets. 

4. Don’t Panic – Make Smart Moves?

Last but not least, don’t lose it in panic. Don’t invest your long life savings in the name of online agencies and hiring better for your better. Just make little smart moves. The internet is convenient because it’s approachable and free. You don’t need to employ worldly experts to help you with a startup. Use social media as much as you can because social sites break or make reputations and first impressions while sites always come second. Be empathetic, don’t come out as a needy, self-centered startup owner. 



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