Nandakumar Krishnaswamy



Auslander International into Overseas Education & Immigrations, Investments & Business Labs, and Career Management & Skill Development.In business for around 7-8 years and 2-3 years old in India.Have our office in NY, Sydney, Geneva and Bremen,Coimbatore.

Your Name & Designation 

Nandakumar Krishnaswamy, I consider myself an integral part of Auslander.

Your Company name and Area of business  The firm’s name is Auslander International and we are into Overseas Education & Immigrations, Investments & Business Labs, and Career Management & Skill Development..

 Industry of Business Servicing arena

Where you are operating from?

We operate from Coimbatore as far India is concerned, but do have our offices in NY, Sydney, Geneva and Bremen.


How long you are into this business?


We are in this business for around 7-8 years and 2-3 years old

in India.


What was the driving force for you to start your business?


Each vertical has its own reasons, but those fitted perfectly into the need of the hour and sustainability point of view that we look into in a business.


Is the business running as successfully as you thought it would? Please comment. 


Yes and No, partly I would say because we haven’t advertised ourselves aggressively enough. And we are happy with that approach of ours…


Who is your target audience


An Ideal Person  will be between 18-35 not to say we don’t encourage anyone above or below that, if they show intent and are game for the challenge they are in our radar too..


What is the most challenging aspect of your business? 


Each vertical has its own challenges, for  eg investment and business Labs, tell me how many people know they can test their products at our place and use our co working spots at the same time other than convincing us on a daily basis for an investment!! Other to it, is the cultural aspect, we haven’t still evolved and opened up to fail, to say in Tamil “ulundu endriaka kathukule nammo” meaning we are still an infant in our mindset. Mind you that only one vertical I’m talking abt here..


If you are given a chance to start any business other than the one you are currently into, which one would it be and why?


sorry cannot think of an answer at this time for this .


Your Suggestion to the start up companies and entrepreneurs..


To those Indian start-ups:- Address those pain points and you will have a formidable business, and if you have researched well and sure about that business idea stick to it. CSR comes early in your business, if you don’t give you will never be able to take something a back…


What is success according to you? 


Success is your first step after excellence.. stay grounded & simple,  success will follow you and your business..


Who/What is your greatest inspiration and why? 


A lot of people have been our inspirations in different aspects of life and everyone has inspired us  and the business to what its today.. probably their teachings to be thirsty to succeed and continuously improve ourselves in personal and professional life that is taking us forward..


What is your leadership/management style? 


Mine is like  “Open and Friendly, does not mean to say you don’t have to deliver”


What is your leadership mantra? 


Fail to win and win to fail..
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