A playschool serves as a foundation for a toddler to interact with a world outside. It is the first instance when the child leaves his home and parents for a few hours of the day. Therefore the playschool should provide a safe and comfortable environment for the child. If you are loving and caring towards children and can manage them well, this business option is suitable for you.

1. Playschool License

It is necessary to do prior and thorough research before acquiring the license to open a playschool. There are a number of agencies that one should contact and check with such as The Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Child Welfare, etc. Then a business license can be obtained based on the local and state requirements for the creation of a business entity.

2. Business Plan

Once these legal requirements are met, a business plan must then be laid that involves the determination of budget, hours of operation, number of children to be enrolled, mode of operation, the number of teachers, etc. you must also include the unique teaching and child management schemes in this plan. Writing down your ideas will only help you to have better clarity in proceeding further in your endeavor.

3. Choosing the Location Right

The location that is chosen for the institution must be safe and convenient for the child. People usually open playschools within the confines of their own homes while some choose a different location and operate the business on lease. Whatever is the location, it should be registered.

4. Setting Up the Playschool

Purchasing all the necessary goods and supplies necessary for the successful running of the playschool is the next step. You must have non-hazardous simple toys for the toddlers apart from creative books. Since they will be too young, anything which has sharp edges should be avoided. Also, the interior decoration should have a warm and cozy color-scheme so as to have a pleasant environment.

5. Hiring Employees

If you plan on hiring teachers and assistants, make sure their experience and qualifications match the state requirements for preschool teachers. Highly qualified teachers and staff will help you to attract more students. There should be proper staff for attending children’s needs as well. The employee has to also make sure that nothing toxic such as colors etc is swallowed by the children. An effective interview procedure must be in place for the hiring of personnel and ensure kids friendly staff are recruited.

6. Increasing Customer Base

Once the basic requirements are met, an effective marketing/advertising campaign must be carried out so that enough people become aware of the business setup. This involves launching a website for your preschool to provide information to prospective preschool parents. The website should illustrate through photographs and videos about your child care management and teaching expertise.

Advertise your new preschool in the community through flyers, newspaper ads, church bulletins. Facilitate word of mouth promotion. Another idea that can boost your customer base is by organizing children’s mela, quiz competitions, annual functions, etc.

These institutions not only provide comfortable space where children can play and interact with other toddlers but they also provide an environment where they observe and develop a willingness to learn. The child can attend a playschool for merely a few hours a day but can learn a lot in this limited time. So, go on, open a playschool and spread warmth, love, and innocence all around.

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