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How To Become a Motivational Speaker? – Business Ideas

Are you a public speaker? Love to speak in front of an audience? Are you the one to whom all your friends flock for motivation and advice? A career in motivational speaking is indicated. But be wary, it is not easy. The path to being a motivational speaker is treacherous though very rewarding. Inspiring individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams, the motivational speaker business is poised to ignite passion, drive, and transformation in audiences worldwide.

1. Preparing for a Target Audience

A lot of reading needs to be done. Identify your target audience. Is your audience a group of school kids? Well then, you need to prepare a message accordingly. Talk about your personal experiences, and reach out to them. Is your audience Business school graduates? You need to prepare accordingly.

Motivational speeches which are totally outside their interest area would not be received very well. The key to becoming a good motivational speaker is to keep your audience engaged. Involve them. Make an activity or game to drive a certain point. Your audience will expect you to know a lot about the subject you are speaking. Be well-prepared to tackle any difficult questions that might be thrown at you.

2. Research Part

Before giving a motivational speech, you need to be motivated enough yourself. Do a lot of research on the subject you are about to speak on. Read a lot of self-help books and books on psychology. Attend workshops by eminent motivational speakers. Be sincere and committed to gaining knowledge. Researching various case-studies on the prescribed topic is a great way to enrich your talk. You must quote examples from such fictional/real/mythical stories to prove or reaffirm your point.

3. Be Innovative

Generally, a motivational speech is spread over a span of four to five hours. It is very important to hold your audience’s attention during this span. There should be synchronization in your speech and body language. Practice what you speak with proper movements of hands along with proper voice modulation. Another thing which you must keep in mind is to create a unity of thoughts in your speech. The speech should be tight and crisp, failing which your audience might lose interest in the program.

4. Advertise Yourself

A career in motivational speaking is a lucrative option as a single 4-hour session will fetch you anywhere around a lakh of rupees (if you are well-established and know the know-how of networking).  You need to promote yourself as a good speaker. Offer free motivational speeches at schools and colleges to gain confidence and trust. Upload videos on social networking sites and Youtube to gain popularity and visibility.

Hire a good professional videographer shoot videos for you. The clarity of the video and sound should be good, else people won’t even bother coming back for seconds.  Invest in a good website; create SEO-friendly content; make an online portfolio—the key is to reach out to people and make yourself as visible as possible. Once the market sees your potential, you will start getting calls from B Schools, Associations, NGOs, International Schools, and MNC’s amongst others.

Motivational speaking can be extremely rewarding—both materially and spiritually.

Last but not the least, make sure the message you are about to relay to people is not only brilliant but DIFFERENT. Don’t just rely on the safe old concocted stories as too much use of these can be fatal for your career as a motivational speaker. Success will only come through consistent experimentation. Dare to be different. It pays.

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