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How To Start a Your Own Tuition Centre?

Thinking of starting your own tuition centre? Well, read on…

The Scope of Tuition Centre

Running a tuition centre is one of the first options that one may consider when it comes to starting a family/individual business from home. It can be small scale, run from your home kind of tuition, or large scale in a rented space with all necessary teaching aids and staff. You might even consider taking up a franchise of a well know, already established tuition centre. This way, you will have all the backup and expert advice that you may need.

Qualification Requirement

Depending on one’s own educational qualifications, one may teach children of any age group. But before venturing into teaching or opening a tuition centre, make sure you are up to date with the subject you are about to teach. If you are a postgraduate, you can even teach college-level students.

The first step here is to recognize your skills and being comfortable in what you know.

Once you have decided what to teach, decide on the target audience. Do you want to open a tuition centre for kids? Or college-going students? Or both? These are the questions that you should ask yourself.

Set up your tuition centre. Open a separate bank account for your business to keep a tab on your accounts. Contact local authorities on the kind of permits you need. You may need a specific license to start a business from home depending on Zonal regulations.

Where to Start?

If you are starting a tuition centre from home, you should have a room that is free from all distractions. Invest in study tables and chairs, depending on the number of students you plan to take in a batch. Keep office stationeries like the pen, paper, pencil, etc handy.

Factor in the washroom facilities as well. Your centre is set. If you plan to rent a space, make a plan first. Factor in the expenses like staff expenses, electricity and air conditioning expenses, whiteboards or blackboards, and the amount of time you plan to give each and every batch.

How to Market my Tuition Centre?

The next step is to advertise and market your business. Make your own page on a social website like Facebook. Create groups and pages on the internet. You might even want to consider building a website for your business.

The best form of advertising is still word-of-mouth, as when it comes to tuition centres, people tend to go for the ones which have been vouched for by others.

Distribute flyers and brochures, to make yourself knew in your area and surrounding ones. A word of advice – Always keep in touch with teachers and students.

You may consider starting a centre to teach different foreign language which is in high demand now. If you are good at any foreign language try to find a friend who knows a different language so that you can bring in more crowds. While teaching your students don’t forget to learn a new language in parallel, that will always help you in increasing your revenue.

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