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Wedding Photography – Marketing Business Plan

This is a hot piece of business. Love photography? Know Photoshop(If not, no worries, it is easy to learn)? Capture those special moments with your love and flair for photography. All you need is basic photography skills and a working knowledge of Photoshop. But don’t take it lightly; it’s not easy as it looks. Being a wedding photographer is an exhausting work, which includes getting up at all sorts of unruly times (In some part of the country they get married at 5 o’clock in the morning, and in some other part the party goes on till the wee hours of the morning.

When starting any business, a list of resources is a must, and for this, you need some good ones. Wedding photography has become a competitive business, with lots of budding entrepreneurs in the arena.

Learn The Art

If you really want to stand up in this field, you might want to consider doing a specialized course in photography from a reputed institute. Remember, reputation sells, it always does. You can also do an advanced course in Photoshop, which will help you in editing your photos unless you want to hire a photo editor or you want to rope in on a friend to help you for free.  But, doing Photoshop work on your own is recommended, as you will better know the expected outcome.

Build Your Contacts

In order to maintain fluidity in your work, you should tie-up with a reputed photo printer and wedding album maker/binder so that you can have the album made. You must also set up a database of your clients. Contacting them on a regular basis will register your business in their minds subtly.

Invest Carefully

The cost in part of investment leans a bit on the heavier side, as the camera, especially the equipment’s line lenses cost a fortune. It’s very easy to get caught in the never-ending cycle of buying things to “help your business”. With photography, it’s even more dangerous because the purchases are fun and exciting! It’s not hard to convince yourself that if you just had that better lens, you’d take better photos, and your business would be more successful.

Watch Out Your Contemporaries Work

One should spend countless hours looking at the websites and blogs of other wedding photographers. Spending tons of time on forums with other wedding photographers will help you in expanding your horizons. Read wedding magazines, and watch shows about weddings. The idea is to basically immerse completely in the world of photography and gather each and every knowledge so that our art doesn’t become outdated or dead.

Develop People’s Skill 

Photography is a people business. Even if you’re a landscape shooter, your clients are people. And the better you can work with, and take care of, the people you do business with, the more success you’ll see.

Branding  Your Art

Your work will speak itself and word of mouth will be your biggest branding tool. Market yourself, place an ad in the local yellow pages, give your brochures to wedding-related vendors. Work hard on your skills, you are sure to hit a nail.

From here on, it’s never looking backward and just capturing the beauty that is in a wedding. This opportunity is exciting as you get to travel to different places if you get featured on a popular website and orders start coming from all over the country.

Website and Social Media Presence

The payout for developing an attractive website, list a few of your amazing works. Do update your website with the latest trends and seasonal offers. Do consistently post your articles and works in Social media(Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc), you will be surprised by the number of leads a social media generates.

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