What Problems can Business Intelligence Solve?

Problems Solve by Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence combines data mining, data analytics, data tools, data visualization, infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make data-driven decisions. In a period, you will know you have got modern business intelligence when you have a complete view of your organization’s data and utilize that data to eliminate inefficiencies, drive change, and also quickly adapt to market changes.

Business Intelligence can leverage your business to the next level. In this article, we will discuss what are the common business problems addressed by Business Intelligence:

It is based on huge data sets; Business Intelligence reports are usually derived. So imagine if you have no BI implemented and you have loads of data to be analyzed, it may be time-consuming trying to understand enormous data.

Instead, Business Intelligence can turn those loads of information into a short and clear report. You can share the same with your business partners, executives, managers, etc. Anyone can access the report anytime. It also makes the decision-making process easy!

Maybe a year ago you released a product but even after a year you were not able to achieve the desired results and the sales is also declining. So you know the reason may be due to poor performance management. And with Business Intelligence software, you can understand your company’s performance and also the potential opportunities in a much better way.

You will be in a position to know all the bottlenecks and arrive at a proper decision to solve the problems. Efficient performance management will help in leading your business successfully. Implementing Business Intelligence software for the same can fetch you higher ROI so the investment is indeed a valuable one!

To make a decision, data from multiple resources need to be analyzed, combine and then make a report out of it. And then decide out of it. This may involve a lot of time and effort and the same can be saved to utilize for something more important. With Business Intelligence solutions, you can build a centralized data warehouse with which creating reports becomes easy and much faster.

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Therefore, you will be able to utilize the saved time on making significant decisions. This is indeed a very important advantage of Business Intelligence solutions.

Losing customers can be the worst nightmare a business can face. Your clients may simply move to your competitors and the business may go at loss. To avoid this, it is important to understand your customer’s behavior.

You should know exactly what they want and how they will behave in the future. Gathering relevant data may be precious but it takes a lot of time. But with Business Intelligence you can gather the required data quickly and you will be able to know your clients better.

This will enable you to improve your business strategy and by this, you will be able to attract more customers.

Though Business Intelligence can solve a multitude of problems, one of the most obvious is getting actionable insights. Reports that are derived from BI services are easy to understand. So it is quite obvious that getting actionable insights from a report like that is very much possible than getting it done from multiple sources.

Dealing with innumerable data for day-to-day operations from various sources can be a disaster. You may easily get lost and may even lose important data. With Business intelligence solutions, you get a central location where data is neatly organized.

So your team member will find it easy while monitoring key performance indicators or sharing the reports.

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Explain Business Intelligence Issues

Some challenges are faced by organizations while dealing with Business Intelligence. They are listed below:

  1. Lack of proper Business Intelligence strategy
  2. When you do not know how to code
  3. Low utilization of BI solution
  4. Lack of Training & Execution
  5. BI with unstructured data
  6. Installation & deployment

What Problems can Data Analytics Solve?

One of the major Business problems to solve with Data analytics includes enhanced customer services. Analytics play a significant role in eliminating customer problems even before they occur. It helps to identify what is lagging and address it before the customer encounters the issue. It helps to be proactive.


1.     What does business intelligence solve?

Business Intelligence solves innumerable business problems like simplifying loads of data to crisp and short reports, enabling central location access, etc.

2.     What is the main benefit of business intelligence?

The main benefit of Business Intelligence is, it helps in understanding your clients better and attracting new customers.

3.     What are the six benefits of using business intelligence in an Organization?

  1. Understand your customer in a more effective manner
  2. Increases your performance & ROI
  3. Generate leads
  4. Identify sales trends
  5. Enhanced customer service
  6. Improve operational efficiency



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