Why You Should Choose Open End Envelopes for Packaging?

One thing almost all production company that serves the retail market will need is the packaging material. Any good you produce be it food, gift item, or consumer product will need to be properly packaged for the market. And this is also something that can make your product more inviting for purchase. How it is packaged. So you want to give this serious thought during the marketing phase of your business planning. You surely don’t want to have the perfect product that isn’t wrapped properly.

So how then can you settle the issue of choosing the right packaging for your product? You surely want to consider the type of product you are offering in the first place. When it comes to small items that don’t weigh much, open-end envelopes are always the best. In case you are not sure what are open-end envelopes or you don’t know if they will work best for your nature of merchandise, you can get a clearer picture in the sections below.

What are Open End Envelopes?

You may not know this, but envelopes are classified based on their type of opening. And in the case of open-end envelopes, they are characterized by the method of opening which is placed on the short end of the opening hence the name. Aside from the complex design that goes into the detail of construction, you get packaging that offers protection for the product they protect. 

They can be used for different categories of products and buddle wrapping can be used in the inner construction for storing durable merchandise. Not sure about why you should consider open-end envelopes, the next section talks about some of the reasons why they are a preferred option for packaging material.

Why you Should Choose Open End Envelopes?

With many options available for storing products such as carton boxes that are designed to be in the shape of a square or rectangle, envelopes may be better suited when it comes to packing small-sized materials. And they are a better option for many reasons including.

Easy Form of Storage

Open-end envelopes offer an easy form of storage as they are designed to be simple to work with. The construction is one aspect that you will like as they consist of a front opening and sides that can be joined together by the use of a gum-based material. Consisting of a front panel, back, and side flaps, and bottom flaps that when sealed keep the base secured, you can be sure that the material they house won’t be falling out of place during transit to the consumer. 

Paper wrappings are easy to store at the warehouse and their compact design makes sure they don’t take up space in stow.

Light Weight Material Construction

You will also be benefitting from the lightweight paper construction. This can be beneficial to you as they won’t be adding any much additional weight which can increase the delivery charge when it comes to product shipping. Paper which is the main material of construction doesn’t weigh much and with different design options available can be perfect for storing different types of consignment. 

They can work for apparel, gift items, tops, and any lightweight material that doesn’t involve any metal or glass that can destroy the packaging while in transit.

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Safe for Transport

Another issue with product delivery is the safety requirements of transporting them from the manufacturer or seller to the end-user. If you choose plastic wrappings, there is a good chance that they can get damaged before they reach the point of delivery. While paper may not offer good resistance to water without the use of proper waterproofing like bubble wraps, they are easy to transport. 

The postman will surely not have to deal with the hassle of sorting the parcels when they arrive at the port. And you can be sure that your product will get to the user without any damages when handled properly by the shipping/delivery service.

Sustainable Option for Packaging

With the world looking to adopt sustainable measures in all spheres of manufacturing, you can be sure that you will be going green with the use of open-end envelopes. Paper which is the main material for construction for envelopes can be disposed of properly after use and doesn’t offer much pollution to the environment as they are biodegradable. The gums used for sealing are usually from plant-based material and there is no animal cruelty involved in the entire construction process.

Safe for the metal clips used to unwrap the packaging, you get an entirely sustainable material that is safe for the environment. So if you have been looking for ways to adopt sustainability in your business, opting for open-end envelopes may just be a step in the right direction. This page has more on how you can introduce sustainability in your business. 

Final Note

All businesses need to make use of packaging materials to meet their delivery needs and except you are dealing with heavy-duty products, open-end envelopes may be the best option when looking for packaging material. Make sure to go for options that are durable, lightweight, and safe for transport.



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