1. What made you become an entrepreneur?

My dad runs a garment manufacturing unit in Tirupur and so from the very beginning, I knew that myself and my brother would be looking after that one day. But then the whole idea changed when I was back from studies and thought let me do something different and at that time my dad started a home care cleaning Products Company and did it his way. Then I decided to take that up and do it in a modern and creative way to match the current trend and become a successful entrepreneur in this field.

2. How did you derive the concept for your business?

As we are from the background of garments, we always had to deal with chemicals and everything related to it. It was totally my dad’s idea to start a business related to that. Then I took over and thought something different need to be done as we are going to compete with MNC’s and I was very clear about that. So we came up with a new concept of AZO-free chemicals where the least amount of chemicals is used to give the best results possible. From the packaging to the bottle shapes everything is just very new and no one yet has come in that way.

3. What is your mission at the outset?

With natural resources being exploited by humankind and the damage done to Mother Nature is increasing day by day, we felt it was time we did something to change the scenario, that’s how we came up with eco-friendly AZO-free products. We strive to deliver superior quality cleaning products with a formulation to reduce the usage of water while cleaning. Today we are happy to have achieved the motto “For a happy and healthy surrounding”.

4. How old is your company?

The organization is just a year and a half old and is going in a start and way to achieve the vision.

5. How critical is advertising for a business?

Advertising is one of the key performers in my business. The only way to tell and show people your presence in the market is through advertising. It’s the way of telling that your product or service is needed.

6. How do you see your company in the next 5 years?

The team and I are working hard in making Savon Care to be one of the top home care cleaning products in the market. At present our presence is pan-India and we are looking to make it a global one in the next succeeding years.

7. Why should people choose you?

As I told earlier, we have come up with a new concept of AZO free products in which most of the harsh chemicals have been banned and do not pose a threat to mankind and Mother Nature. We have made a formulation where a minimal amount of water is used for maximum cleaning. We are sure that people would definitely try our product at least once when they see it as the packaging concept of the bottles are very different and will stand apart from others.

8. What challenges do you face in your company?

The major challenges for us are the big MNC companies as already they have made a brand and presence all over the world and we are trying to compete only with them. In the beginning stage, it is very difficult to withstand in the market against them, but once we cross that stage and people recognize your brand you have done it all to achieve your goal.

9. To what do you attribute success?

According to me when my vision of Savon Care is achieved I would take that as a huge success. As it not only makes the company grow it also makes the people working under the company grow in a big way and fulfills their dreams too.

10. How does your organization help in uplifting society?

At Savon Care, we are taking up initiatives to keep the public areas like toilets, parks, etc clean and healthy for them to have hygiene surroundings. We also educate the public on how to keep happy and healthy surroundings and that’s our motto.

11.Share one interesting incident in your business life.

Not yet experienced anything of that kind.

12. How do you manage your personal, social, and business life?

Well, at present I have not figured that out as I am busy managing my business now. ?

13. Whom do you look upon as your inspiration?

My first inspiration is always my dad as I know how much ups and downs he has gone through and how well he managed all those things and have learned how to just stay calm in all the situations. My other inspiration is my uncle whom I have always looked upon. I have just learned how dedicated one should be towards their goal and the goal is not too far if you are. He always tells me and my brother how to concentrate and take steps forward.

14. How do you manage your Monday blues?

Mmmm, basically I like Mondays until and unless I’m out on a holiday. It is just a booster for the whole week for me. I love what I am doing and so I don’t get the blues.

15. Give us your peace of mind for the upcoming start up’s.

Still not in the place to do those things.



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