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Hello I am Shibam Sarbswa, the Co-Founder & Business Head

Your Company name and Area of business is India’s first BSN (i.e. Business Social Network) where people can publish their personal as well as professional profiles together at the same place. It aims at providing Smart Search Representation (SSR) to give every member without charging them even for a little investment. It also provides HR solution to companies.

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 Industry of Business

 Information Technology

 Where you are operating from? 

 We are operating from Mumbai and Delhi. Our Business Development team is located in Delhi with Support team i.e. Tele Callers, Online & Offline Marketing, Event Management and Content Writers. Head the Business Development & marketing of TN.

At Mumbai we have Administrative team Headed by my Co-Founder Ankit Verma i.e. whole technical Team, Operation and Administration.


 How long you are into this business?


We are in this business since Oct 2014.


What was the driving force for you to start your business?


Entrepreneurship has its own energy which flows through your passion towards it, & when we started we personally find difficult to get into marketing because it needs lots of investment into social media and search engine marketing. The same time we thought  to start tracknext, so that users can save his money of marketing & assemble his venture with the wings of Tracknext which will just add an extra mileage in his ventures & Personal success.


Is the business running as successfully as you thought it would? Please comment.


I think it’s success is more than we expected; only in our testing phase we got 7K+ users also TN was featured in 50+ Media globally. When we launch beta-3.0 in Dec 14 with little functionality like Launch, Matching profile, SEO and SSR we received huge appreciations by our users. Till of now we have partnered & marketed many events Google, Drupal Camp-IIT-B , TIE etc & it was really very nice experience in all this.


Who is your target audience?


In our 1st Phase we are targeting audience with these specifications

    • Age Group : 18-35 years
    • Cities : Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Noida, Ahmadabad, Chennai
    • Gender: Female & Male
    • OS :
    •        o   Android, IO’s & Window Phone users

             o  Web users

    • Occupation : Professionals, Students, businesses & startups



What is the most challenging aspect of your business? 


My whole team take challenges like a new lesson & every time we have defeated all challenges by our team work. But most of the challenge that we faced is standing on our user acceptations & for that we are working very hard to give them a very crispy service.


If you are given a chance to start any business other than the one you are currently into, which one would it be and why?


It would be Augmented Realty, because I personally find it very cool, interesting and in coming years people will use this technology in every purpose i.e. selecting cloths/furniture’s. It has huge scope out there


Your Suggestion to the start up companies and entrepreneurs.


“Find yourself” when I say find yourself It means do not run in all four corners. Find what, why, where and how you can do it. Finding a good co-partner is major challenge.

To Become a successful venture you need to be a smart  start-up, who knows how to sustain as start-up, &  then able to raise funding for growth.


India is 4th largest start-up so work hard and Join, we love to help you.


What is success according to you? 


Success to me is when I come with a decision & my team opts that by having faith in me; and that decision works really well i.e. ROI as expected or above, it makes me feel a little satisfied & successful.


List few of the most challenging situations you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey.


Frankly Speaking, nothing in this world is a cake walk; but every time my TEAM stood up & defeated every bugs & problems. It’s really impossible to start without a balanced team, we have spent many sleepless nights together working on it & bringing it to this level.


Who/What is your greatest inspiration and why? 


I think the inspiration comes from everything you see around, every person you meet, every story you read & every movie you watch, Each & everything pushes us towards your start-up.


What is your leadership/management style? 


    • 80-20 Rule


    • Research on Idea before implementation


    • Team Work


    • User Feedback



What is your leadership mantra? 


“Treat your user with the best service you can offer” & “Love your team”
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