Viraat Kothare

Your Name & Designation

Viraat Kothare, Director

Your Company name and Area of business 

Deluxe Elite Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, its Flagship product is World’s first patent-pending universal virtual app store marketplace for exchange & collaboration between users, professionals, businesses to interact with objects, information, products, services & activities using any device, technology, browser or platform through apps requiring only an internet connection.

Industry of Business

IT -Software

Where you are operating from? 

We are operating from Mumbai – India.

How long you are in this business?

4 years

What was the driving force for you to start your business?

Zeal to create innovative and creative products breaking away from current existing methods and processes.

Is the business running as successfully as you thought it would? Please comment.

Business is just picking up successfully running after 4 years of exhaustive research and market trends & gaps to create groundbreaking technology services and solutions out of the world. Our initial core concepts and values are still in place although some pivoting a deviation has taken place from time to time.

Who is your target audience?

We are currently working in the B2B segment and targeting SME & SMB segments.

What is the most challenging aspect of your business?

The most challenging aspect of the business is since we are a new player, acquiring new customers and retaining talent & sales and marketing teams for growth in the long run and taking out quality time to create innovative products in the market.

If you are given a chance to start any business other than the one you are currently into, which one would it be and why?

If I had given a chance to start any business other than the current one it would be mostly related to the travel industry, as me being a travel freak and love to explore new places and attraction and offbeat travel, would be making a successful business venture out of it.

Your Suggestion to the start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

Just not jump in a market if it’s hot and happening it’s your instinct, knowledge, and skills that will take your business & research backing to new heights through patience and perseverance.

What is a success according to you?

Success is going back and learning the traditional method and infusing with the current world keeping our core values in place without deviating from core business.

List a few of the most challenging situations you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey.

Few of the challenging situations have faced in my entrepreneurial journey is

  • Finding the right people at the right time to execute work and take it to next level
  • Understanding the ropes of business development and business monetization
  • Cope up with the latest trends and technology and implementation for the same in our environment
  • Competitor watch, trend watch, customer feedback
  • Understanding and covering market gaps in creating a revenue potential

Who/What is your greatest inspiration and why? 

Thomas Alva Edison is my greatest inspiration being the foremost entrepreneur an inventor in his times, to create products that were out of the world in his day all due to this tireless efforts, persistence, and consistency in achieving his goals with the solve intention to the betterment of mankind.

What is your leadership/management style? 

  • Cost-cutting & optimization of resources
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Orthodox methods
  • Own Methodologies & Usage
  • Balance Approach of vertical & horizontal growth
  • Quality & Security
  • Harness best Technologies
  • Organic Growth
  • Consistency & Persistence
  • Evolution Process and Adaptability with current trends
  • Alternatives and Backup plans
  • Involve specific people for specific purposes
  • Maximize   use best of available resources
  • Optimization of existing infrastructure

Reduce time, energy, money, and resources for development at the same time maintaining some standards and compliances in place in an organized manner without any app, device, or data clutter in the information technology field.

What is your leadership mantra? 

Leadership mantra is to pivot and think innovatively to solve problems in a scientific approach without dependency on a single process, method, or procedure and able to back up from the worst situation.



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