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Most Profitable Franchises

A franchisor is a supplier who allows an operator to use the supplier’s trademark and distribute the supplier’s goods. The operator pays the supplier a fee for this gesture. The whole system is called Franchise and many people are putting their money in it as it assures good income in a short span of time as the brand or the product/service is well received.

Below are the top franchises option to invest in:


People who are passionate about their fitness would always trust a popular fitness chain than a new one. Since these chains have a structured regime, the results are bound to be better. You can think of opening a franchise business like that of Fitness First or Gold Gym and the franchise, in turn, will also help in training and set up of your gym.

Fast Food Chain

 The fast-food chains today are looking for more and more franchisers so as to spread to a larger market. If you think there is a huge potential for a certain fast-food chain in your locality, you can think of buying the best franchise to invest in. The equipment and training would all be guided by the company itself. Some of them are – Subway, Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut etc.

Apparel Brands

With lots of money, more and more people buy branded clothes. Also, with more discounts and offers, there is a temptation to buy fresh fashion frequently. For the opening, a most profitable franchise do your research properly beforehand and after that, all you need is a space; they will supply the finished products at your doorstep.


Traveling has become a necessity for all of us now. With it has grown a huge market for the hotel industry. Whether you decide to open an inn, a lodge/guesthouse or a three-star/five-star hotel, success is almost guaranteed. If you take up a top franchise, you get more benefits as a result of worldwide recognition of the brands.

Coaching Centers

One of the most profitable franchises. There are many opportunities in this field–language center, engineering/medical/CA centers, school tuitions, civil services etc. You just have to invest a small amount and your business would be taken care of. The company will help you with training and content and teaching materials as well.

Grooming Services

Personal grooming services are among the top franchises becoming a dire necessity in today’s world. Salons like Affinity, Tony and guy, etc., not just cater to your current grooming requirements but also provide consultancy for your beauty regime. The training of the staff is provided and they are also sent for short-term courses by the company.

Electronic Stores

You can take up top franchises of companies like LG or Samsung and make huge profits. This way the products will be at a much lesser price and you can sell them at MRP prices. Or else you can open a store like croma and provide electronic goods of all brands.

Bike Products

The number of passionate bikers has grown in India and so has the demand. If you buy a franchise, the benefits are assured as there are not many stores available in India currently. This is an upcoming industry and has huge potential in Indian markets.

Nutrition Counselors

One of the most profitable franchises are the Nutrition centers who provide health guides for weight loss/ weight gain, diabetes, Blood Pressure etc. It is through their food supplements and nutrition counseling that they claim to look into these diseases.

Personality Development

A small but best franchises to invest in a venture, which requires very little investment but offers a high Return on Investment (R.O.I). You can help youngsters to build a confident-self by teaching business etiquettes, formal dressing, and manners. The Etiquette Guru is one such franchise which provides such guidance.

Advertisement Company

With the introduction of the Internet, laptops, smartphones and other digital devices, consumers require instant information about everything, whenever and wherever in-need. and other companies like it aspire to collate every business (Products and services) and its reliable and verified information as an advertisement.

Aerobics and Dance Institute 

Institutes like Shape Up are always looking for expansion via the franchise route. Thus making it the best franchises to invest in. Since everyone today needs fitness in a short time, this option is quite viable.

Career Counselling

Kids today start preparing for their future quite early. Parents thus feel the need to analyze their child’s potential in a particular field so that he can prepare in the same direction. Brain Checker Techno Services (India) etc. provide this kind of career counseling through a highly educated staff.

GPS Tracking System

There are companies like Canny Solutions which manufacture GPS Vehicle tracking devices and also offer software development for GPS based solutions. Highly crucial for the security of our vehicles, this industry is growing majorly.

Cake and Ice-cream Parlours

Cake Boy or Giani’s/Baskin Robbins offers a cozy and relaxing environment where you can enjoy a range of patisseries and ice creams to refresh your mood Quite popular amongst all age groups, these stores are easy to maintain, the hassle-free franchise as they require negligible training and offer products from their end.


Naughty Genius Daycare offers an international standard child care programme and especially for Infant Care. They aim to develop a sense of real-world topics with the help of their monthly themes that acts as a guide for curriculum planning and at the same time encourages spontaneity and responsiveness among children.

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